In Covid-19, we all have become home-bound, and there has been a limited approach to the gyms or parks. Home is the place where you’re most comfortable. Many people think that staying at home is getting them into depression, and they have nothing better to do.

For gym addicts, the lockdown has made their lives miserable. Some people came up with the idea of installing some sports equipment in their homes. Wealthy people who have a bigger place to live have made up their small gym set up with all the necessary sports equipment required for a good workout.

Not every gym sports equipment can be installed in your home, but there are a few amazing ones. Let’s take a look at the best five sports equipment for your very own home gym.


The most common one is a treadmill, and most people had it in their home even before Covid-19 times. A treadmill is a more convenient cardio option for people who love to walk or need to shed off a few calories.

It’s better if the treadmill is a foldable one as it needs little space in your house. Always get a high-quality treadmill that offers good functions and has at least 12 levels of speed.


Ellipticals, more commonly known as cycling machines, are God’s gift for people with knee or back problems and people who can’t run for longer periods. This sports equipment won’t take up much space in your house. There are now advanced ellipticals that have a Bluetooth connection to sync your fitness app’s data.

Suspension Training System

A suspension training system is an all-in-one set for overall body training. If you want to strengthen your muscles, you must buy this set of suspension training systems. If you have a tree branch or a hook at your place, this sports equipment with elastic straps is of great use for you.

It uses your body weight to stretch all your body muscles in order to gain strength.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is like ellipticals but offers a low-impact exercise that will only target specific muscle groups of your body. It uses electromagnetic resistance to make you feel like you’re rowing on the water and exerting some force.


Dumbbells are also used to strengthen your muscles. There are different types of dumbbells; you can choose the ones that suit you the most. Sports equipment like these have sizes ranging from 1kg to 20-25kg.

Dumbbells are compact sports equipment that is great for a strength workout. There are adjustable dumbbells in the market too. Instead of getting five sets of dumbbells, you can just get one set and adjust weights with it according to your body type and exercise requirement.