While playing sports, you’re more likely to face minor or major injuries during the game. There are tough sports games like football, basketball, and volleyball. These sports games have many team members who are bumping into one another while playing the game so having a leg or head injury is very much possible.

It is reported that athletes in high school have about 2 million injuries every year. Most injuries are preventable if the right protective gear is provided while playing. A traumatic sports injury can cause life-long trouble or even death in some cases.

There are proper organizations who are looking after these things. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the biggest organization looking after sports safety equipment.

There is specific equipment made for head protection and face and leg protection. Let’s take a look at all of them.


Helmets are the most important safety equipment because they’re the only thing that will prevent you from a head injury. There are different kinds of helmets used for different sports.

A football helmet, an ice hockey helmet, and a baseball helmet all have different aspects.

It’s important to get a helmet that accurately fits your head, not too loose and not too tight; otherwise, it will bother you. You should always try on your helmet before the actual game. There should be no cracks, and the padding should be comfortable enough.

A good helmet should cover the base of the skull, but it shouldn’t come down on your eyes. A helmet will save you from velocity collisions and impact forces.


Faceguard is an extension of the helmet to protect you from getting hurt from collisions with other players or any other factors that may cause facial injuries.

Eye protection glasses

There are special types of glasses made for eye protection and are worn during Lacrosse or any other sports.

Chin straps

Chin straps usually come with the helmet as they are needed to adjust it properly.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are extremely important too. Mostly the defensive player wears heavily padded and larger shoulder pads to protect the shoulders from any injury. There are two types of shoulder pads, cantilevered and non cantilevered.

Knee pads

A maximum number of athletes wear knee pads because nothing is worse than a knee injury. Whether playing cricket, football, basketball, or volleyball, you must never forget your knee pads.

Shin guards

People who play soccer or ice hockey usually require shin guards to help support their shins.

Ankle stabilizer

An ankle stabilizer will support your ankle, and it will also protect your ankle from twisting during any sports game. A twisted ankle is extremely painful, so one must get the best protection possible.