When we’re talking about sports equipment, one thing comes to our mind: what sports equipment are required for the main players and the referee of the game. Everything from special shoes to specially designed kits is a part of sports equipment.

Without sports equipment, no sports can be played successfully. Imagine a referee who doesn’t have a whistle and a player who doesn’t have his sports shoes. They won’t play the game as it is supposed to be.

Apart from the necessary sports equipment, the ground or field should be made properly to support a good game. Here is some necessary sports equipment for the team members. Take a look!

Player equipment

A player holds all the importance while playing any game. Here is the special sports equipment a player needs.

1. Numbered Jerseys

When you’re on the field, people may not know your name. Rather, you wear a jersey that has your player number on it. Each player is given a number starting from one. The jersey with the number can be a t-shirt or a sleeveless jersey to wear on top of another t-shirt.

Numbered jerseys help teammates recognize each other. They are designed in a cool way.

2. Sports shoes

Some sports require the player to wear shoes made up of special soles. These are spiked or pegged shoes. Some have studs below them. They help the player play or perform on their tiptoes.

3. Uniform

A uniform is a complete set of jerseys, pants, shoes, socks, cleats, helmets, or any other necessary equipment to be worn at the time of the game. They are mostly designed the same for all the team members.

Referee Equipment

1. Penalty cards

Penalty cards are important to tell the players of both sides if they committed a mistake or any other illegal activity. They are the size of a normal playing card. Usually, they are brightly colored, and every game has a different penalty card. Mostly yellow cards are for warnings, and red cards are for aggressive acts.

2. Uniforms

There are special uniforms designed for the referee too. Referee uniforms are a bit different from a player’s uniform. They mostly have black hats, pants, and shoes. The color of their jersey is mostly in black and white stripes.

Most referee uniforms are a bit more expensive than the players due to the material used.

3. Whistle

A whistle again is another important piece of sports equipment. They are made up of plastic or metal. They are used to give points, and also mostly while stopping or resuming the game. A referee wears his whistle like a necklace. Without a good whistle, a referee can’t perform any of his duty.

Using a whistle is much more important than using verbal communication.