The world has progressed in a better way, and so did every business. People are too much into different types of sports now. They want to see them healthy and fit. Since people have become very particular about their activewear, many different fabrics have been invented.

Choosing the right kind of apparel will make you feel more comfortable and enhance your performance in all sorts of physical exercise. The right clothing material will ease out all your problems.

We have listed below the five best materials for sports clothing usually worn by athletes.

1. Spandex

If you suppose there’s any material used most commonly by all sports brands, it’s Spandex. Spandex is a type of elastomeric fiber that has a quality of expanding up to 500% without damage. It has so much flexibility that it can return to its normal size within no time.

All the superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, and Batman wear costumes made up of Spandex. No one knew how beneficial this material was for sportswear until a few years.

Brands like Under Armour are making special shorts and tops of Spandex material. These material clothes will make you feel more energetic and comfortable. Special swimming costumes and costumes for gymnasts are made out of this material.

2. Synthetic fabric

In normal daily wear clothing, no one prefers synthetic fabric, but when it comes to sports clothing, synthetic fabric is the top choice for every sportsperson these days.

The synthetic fabric has the quality of cooling your body down within no time. It also absorbs sweat, so it doesn’t bother you while on the field. While you exert, you must stay away from plastic or rubber-based material because it keeps the sweat accumulated, overheating you while playing.

3. Calico

Calico is also a natural material made up of cotton, but the cotton is unprocessed. Calico is a very soft as well as breathable, and eco-friendly fabric. In other names, it is also called a muslin cloth. The fabric is a great absorbent, so it doesn’t let sweat ruin your body.

4. Miracle Microfiber

Miracle Microfiber is a type of synthetic material. It is produced from denier fiber. It’s made up of a mixture of nylon and polyesters, making it an amazing fabric for sports clothing. This fabric is a great sweat absorbent.

Wicking away all the moisture will help you exert for a longer time.

5. Cotton

Most tracksuits and sweatpants are made up of 100% cotton. 100% cotton is durable and hence lasts long. Pure cotton has the quality to wick away all the sweat, so you don’t feel sweaty and disgusting. Cotton garments help your skin breathe, so the water evaporates from your skin.