When we’re talking about sports safety, the first thing that comes to our mind is the safety gear we all should be using while playing any sports. The sports safety gear or equipment is the only thing that will prevent you from having a severe injury.

Most of these sports games are vigorous because each player plays with their full strength and power. There is a lot of running, jumping, catching, and throwing.

You can bump into each other at times, or another player can throw a ball at your face. There should be special safety equipment to protect you from all these unpredictable events. We have listed the best 5 Sports Safety gear every athlete should know.

1. Helmets

Helmets are the first-ever sports safety gear. It’s important in protecting your skull from all sorts of head injuries. Different helmets are designed for different sports. Some helmets are designed for football, lacrosse, skateboarding, skiing, ice hockey, horseback riding, and inline skating.

Each helmet has its pros and cons, but a helmet can protect you from the risk of a head injury up to 75-85 percent. A helmet considered safe for one sport might not be considered safe for another sport.

Choose your helmet size according to the size of your head. It should be above your eyebrows. Make sure the helmet is not too tight or too loose; it should fit comfortably.

A proper football helmet is certified by NOCSAE.

2. Safety Goggles

Safety goggles or eye protection goggles are eye gear every player should wear. They are made up of polycarbonate lenses or Trivex lenses. Sports games like softball, street hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and basketball require special eye protection to be worn while playing.

The safety goggles should fit you and have a cushion above your eyebrows as well as your nose. You should keep changing your eye protection when it turns yellow over some time.

3. Knee, wrist, and elbow guards

Having scratches or torn muscles can be painful, and these sports safety pads can protect you from all kinds of injuries. Wrist guards and elbow guards will help protect your arm and wrist from any fractures.

Almost 90% of sports game players wear these guards for their safety. You can ask your coach to guide you more about these.

4. Mouthguards

Dental trauma is the worst thing you can experience. This safety equipment is important in all kinds of contact sports because it protects your mouth, tongue, and teeth. Mouthguards are available at any sports store.

5. Protective cup

A protective cup protects your groin area. A ball or a fast-moving kick can hit the groin area in most sports. A protective cup will protect your groin area from blunt trauma injuries.